Clareblend mini discount code

This mighty MINI shows impressive results.

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I love it so much, I even use it in my studio. Are you beginning to see the affects of aging on your face, neck, and decolletage?

Clareblend Microcurrent Mini

Incorporating the Mini into your skincare regimen will arm you with a device that gets results - and these results are cumulative, so they get better with continued use. This means you cannot cause muscle fatigue and you can achieve longer lasting results. Movements are intended to be slow and in sync with the built-in beeping system.

clareblend mini discount code

When the MINI is first connected to an electrical port it will make a test beep. Once both probes make contact with the conductive gel on the skin, the MINI makes a single beep and begins an second cycle. The MINI will double beep when finished with the second cycle. NOTE: If moving too fast, or ignoring the beeps, the beep cycle cannot finish and it will then beep erratically.

Slow movement with the move and hold protocol is necessary for the best results and for the beeping system to work properly.

Again, continued use produces better and better results so this isn't a device you'll use now and then. You must use it consistently to achieve your desired results. Once results are achieved, then you'll use it for maintenance. This means a USB device that delivers 2. Do NOT use fast charging phone chargers to power the Mini. You will burn up the device by doing so and void your warranty. This can can be found at Walmart or Amazon. NEVER use oil-based products as this will prevent conduction and corrode the probes.

Always clean your Mini before with a damp wash cloth and gentle soap before putting it away to make it last a long, long time! It can be returned for repair or replacement, if defective, up to six month's from purchase. You MUST register your product. This product purchase is not refundable. Register Here.

Close search. Previous slide Next slide. Add to cart.As with any medical condition or after facial surgery of any kind, please consult your physician before use. MINI is for adult use only and should be kept out of the reach of children. Wait a minimum of 10 days before using MINI after the following procedures:. Log In or Sign Up for pricing.

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clareblend mini discount code

Additional Info Additional Info. Comments Comments. What's included What's included. MINI is quite the game changer for toning, and exercising facial muscles to deliver a more lifted, youthful appearance, and improved function of skin. True microcurrent. Conduction gel is free of Nano particles. When it comes to the large, medium, and even the tiny muscles that support your skin; even the healthiest of tissue will begin to lose it's form.

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Muscles atrophy, and weaken due to natural aging, and or become unbalanced- out of whack due to years of facial expressions, and even stress- muscle tension. The MINI is also great to supplement periodic professional microcurrent sessions. Unlike other facial toning devices with MINI there are no zaps, twitches, or otherwise uncomfortable sensations during use.

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The portable MINI device is designed, and manufactured by the renowned microcurrent experts at Clareblend with decades of experience within the professional Industry. These proven pre-determined settings provide great results without the any guesswork.

And unlike battery operated toning devices, Mini is powered by a constant current source to maintain precise optimal energy output, as well as built in safety features in case of AC failure or surge. Perfect to warm up, relax, and prepare muscles of the scalp, and face. Please review these contraindications listed below prior to completing your purchaseor contact our Licensed Esthetic Professionals with questions, or for additional details.

Our Staff Estheticians work with MINI devices, and are very knowledgeable to assist you with specific tips and protocols for use. Use MINI only on normal skin. Nor do we present any information or products intended to provide medical advice, and or replace medical advice, care, or treatment. I couldn't be happier with this purchase. I was such a skeptic, but it really works. My jaw and eye area has really improved with less than 3 months of use. Cons: Comments: I use it once or twice per week.

Clareblend mini where have you been all my life!? I am over the moon with my transformation.

clareblend mini discount code

Very easy to use. My jawline has really perked up. I see my eyes looking more open, and awake. This is a game changer for my confidence. My results took a while to show, but after maybe 3 weeks BOOM!! I use this once sometime twice a week for my entire face, and neck, and spot treat eyes and jaw area every other day as recommended to me in a consult with Jennifer at 21st.

We connect a few times throughout my process, and I was provided tips about hydrating my skin properly as an ongoing means of making microcurrent more effective, plus we found a good gel that conducts best for me which I really appreciated. Cons: Comments: I appreciate that I had a professional to advise me on how I could best use and benefit from this gem of a device.

I would highly recommend the Mini, and the expertise of the knowlegable staff at 21st Century Skincare to help you with getting all the benefits this item has to offer.

Infuses products for improved benefits.Teeth Whitening. Electrology Supplies Probe Cord for needles.

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Multineedle Probe Cord. Ground Electrode-Small. Aluminum Order Return to top of page. Ground Electrode-Large. Medical grade Stainless Steel.

Order Flat Ground Electrode-Small. Stainless Steel.

MINI By Clareblend

Conductive Gloves. Order G. Microcurrent Handles. For facial rejuvenation procedure. Delivery of current by cotton swabs. Microcurrent treatment cord. Order B. Microcurrent Extender Cords.

LED Light Therapy. They can also be used as stand alone units that plug into the wall outlet with an adapter. Order R. Eye Shields.


Phoresis Facial Roller Order Phoresis Body Roller Order Mini Clareblend Review: Does microcurrent have to hurt to work get results? April 03, Does microcurrent have to hurt to work get results? This crap thing doesn't work, I thought.

Until I kept at it, did my face, and looked in the mirror. I could literally see and feel firming, toning and lifting. Say what, now? It doesn't zap me and it actually works?

I'd heard good things.

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I'd done my homework and bought it. But no zap? None at all? That can't be right. Yet, I continue to use this little tool, get results and feel nothing I do still use my NuFace Mini. I like it. I like that it's cordless take note Clareblend. However, the other day I used it and while I had my entire face prepped with conductor, I didn't put any on my nose. And I accidentally touched the NuFace to my nose edge.

Zap city. MINI and use it. I prefer no zap to zaps. Just me. Also, I continue to enjoy the fact that it really lets me target my eyes, lips and under the cheekbones better than the NuFace.

clareblend mini discount code

Those probes are so large they cannot really get under the muscle, where microcurrent really works best. Yes, it firms and tones. Yes, it'a also more pricey and far more prettily designed. But it's not superior. In my opinion, as a licensed skincare professional, it's just not.

Making the decision on which home microcurrent to use can be confusing. It's frustrating! For targeting your eyes, without purchasing an add-on component, the Clareblend really works well.

How long does a treatment last? Usually 2, 3 maximum. So doing a treatment every couple of days is great. The treatment results are cumulative albeit temporary.Whether you're 35 or 75 years young, our mission is to provide every member with a safe, judgement-free community in which to access professional skincare and esthetics education with product support. No fake beauty tips, and no time-wasting fads, just PRO advice! No one will escape aging, but we can age gracefully.

Advice here will always be based on skincare science, nature, and advanced professional techniques that are safe AND effective. I'm so pleased with the results I see in my face after 8 months of using my Anma and microcurrent on the regular. Your advice is GOLD and your face is proof that your techniques work. Thank you for your generosity of information!

Your videos are always informative! Thank you for sharing your knowledge beautiful friend. As winner of the Skin Games, an International competition, I placed 3rd out of competitors, and in the top 7 for Age Management. This award was based on results from an 8-week case study, before and after photos, an interview in front of a panel of judges all skincare industry executives and various other factors.

I've attended tons of skincare trade shows to seek out leading edge products. I've trained in facial contour massage and advanced modality technology. I was impressed with your experience, deep knowledge base, straight forward style and that you described the products and specifically why they worked not just making generic promises. I was looking for info on microcurrent, but as years went along, it was your fun and quirky style of sharing your skills and expertise.

You are are down to earth, real, and very funny! Thanks for all you do! Thank you Christine and I pray God continue to Bless you. No worries. We offer a risk-free day FREE trial to all new members. You can cancel anytime within those 14 days and you won't be charged anything. While known product contraindications are listed with each product on the website, if you have a medical condition that may be adversely affected by any product or device, please consult the applicable healthcare provider.

Results shared here are applicable to specific individuals. Results for everyone cannot be and are not guaranteed.Gift With Purchase!! Get 1 Cellular Eye Cream Free! The way to keep your results in between professional facials with Grace.

Because ATP cannot be stored long-term, it is ideal at least 5 minutes of microcurrent every day to keep that ATP Adenosine Triphosphate production up. Device has a limited warranty of 6 months. You have to register the warranty within 30 days of purchase. The MINI facial procedure is intended for facial stimulation and should not be used if the following indications are present:.

Use MINI only on normal skin. Do not use on skin that is swollen, infected, or has cancerous lesions. As with any medical condition or after facial surgery of any kind, please consult your physician before use. Contraindications for Microcurrent Lifting Facial include: cardiac pacemakers, epilepsy, metal implants, skin irritation, cancer, and pregnancy.

Nancy D. I love this little device. I use it in between appointments for a little pick me up. Maurine — December 15, Darla — December 16, This mini micro current device helps firm and tone the skin between facials.

Definitely worth the investment in terms of time and money. Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

Mini by ClareBlend home microcurrent device. Mini by ClareBlend home microcurrent device Rated 5. Mini by ClareBlend home microcurrent device quantity. MINI is for adult use only and should be kept out of the reach of children. Proven pre-determined settings provide great results without the guesswork! Rated 5 out of 5. This is an incredible device and definitely helps restore tired looking skin. Love it! Add a review Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.

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